Holding Onto The Fire

The Eternal Comeback Girl

The 2005/6 season of RTE’s ‘You’re A Star’ was full of surprises, least among them the winner, Lucia Evans who captivated the nation with her compelling, soulful vocals and warm, charming and oftentimes humorous personality. Her humble beginnings in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe seemed an unlikely springboard for a career in the music industry. Her success seemed even more unlikely when, following her decisive win she was unceremoniously dropped from her label and eventually lost her publishing deal. One would be forgiven for assuming that the curse of being a reality TV show winner had hit her but that simply was not the case.

In typical ‘Lucia’ fashion, she dusted herself off and decided to go it alone, releasing her first self penned single in 2007, ‘The Other Man,’ which raced to the number 1. spot in the Irish iTunes chart. In 2009, she released her debut album, Natural Woman, and by that stage, was commanding the attention of some of Ireland’s music giants such as Sharon Shannon and later, Golden Globe nominated composer Brian Byrne and the producers of Riverdance.

Holding Onto The Fire

Despite her ongoing success, Lucia was facing her own struggles behind closed doors and in 2015, following her shock separation from her husband, she decided to take what was supposed to be a long sabbatical from the music industry. Her powerhouse vocals and commanding stage presence, however, cut her break short as she was called on to collaborate on projects with Nathan Carter and new musical, ‘Angel of Broadway’ by Brian Byrne and Kasey Jones.

In 2019, after years of working on projects that weren’t her own, Evans found the courage and resolve to begin writing her own material again. Her new single, ‘Holding Onto the Fire,’ is the first of her latest collection - a song that reveals a more vulnerable, authentic side to Evans.

‘Holding Onto the Fire’ releases on the 27th of May on all streaming platforms.

"The singer-songwriter’s voice is golden, saturated with warmth. On the track, her vocals evoke a hypnotic quality. She pulls you gently into a liminal space where a sense of honesty shines through".